I'm Your Happiness Mentor

Born in Cairo, Egypt and graduated from The American University in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, I came to live in the UAE two decades ago. I always believed I was happy until I discovered a new secret recipe and that made all the difference. I believe happiness lies in living consciously.

My greatest interest lies in the fields of philosophy and positive psychology, with a focus on self-help and wellness. Above all, I am passionate about happiness as a way of living! I mentor people to discover their inner strengths and live a life of fulfillment and abundance.

As an author, I share my experiences and knowledge on life enrichment with my readers. I believe sharing is caring and it adds value to the lives of others around me. My book “Dare to be Happy” has come from my heart. It shares the truth I have discovered about life through my experiences as well as extended research.


Life is a mix of experiences, observation and learning. I have gathered all of these while writing “Dare to be Happy” and have blended them together with the truth of our existence to share simple facts about happiness. In my life, I have learned to gather simplicity from the ants, wisdom from nature, music from birds, and love from humans. Life itself is a great teacher and we as learners must embrace it. Here is a mix of life to me as I see it and share it with you.