27 Sep

Dancing With Life — How To Achieve Real Happiness In Times Of Uncertainties

Hoda’s Latest article in Brainz Magazine about achieving lasting happiness in wavering times. She writes,

On my way to Happiness, I came across the concept of “Dancing with life!’, and to tell you the truth, I thought this would be the best way to deal with stress, uncertainty and to handle the unpredictable. Faced with the unknown and the immense amount of anxiety, confusion, and ambivalence, which are all unprecedented; This portrays altogether the era in which we are living. And so the best way out is to navigate through life, or in other words to dance with life!

How to dance with life in times of uncertainties?

Think about it this way — There is no time, the only time is the here and now. Think of life as Dots, as a series of moments and not a straight line or a means to an end. Dots allow you to fill in the blanks, draw the line and come up simultaneously with a beautiful Masterpiece. Whereas, a straight line allows you only to move in a predictable pattern in a totally unpredictable world. Dots allow you to dance, to turn, to bend, and to move freely in the moment. If your life pattern is based on dots, you will live a life that is intact and in flaw, and above all: Your life will be Complete! It doesn’t matter if you die at the age of twenty, sixty, or ninety, your life will be complete and a life of happiness.

Now think about the opposite — If you take life too seriously, as a means to reach a goal – a straight line. Assume your goal is to climb the tallest mountain in the world, and assume due to sudden illness, physical inability, lack of skill, or any out-of-the-road circumstances, you couldn’t reach over the top. Then, what kind of life will you consider this to be? Consequently, you will perceive it as an incomplete life, or a life of hopelessness. Probably you will consider it a half-life, or a life “en-route” or in the waiting.

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